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Hello and welcome! I’m Jeremy. I’m a first year PhD student at Helmholtz Munich, working under Dr. Bastian Rieck in the AIDOS Lab. We are a new group at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence for Health interested in topological and geometric machine learning. I am also co-supervised by Dr. Ulrich Bauer in the Mathematics department at the Technical University of Munich. As a doctoral researcher, I hope to leverage my background in pure mathematics to develop novel and well principled methods in the machine learning and data science space. You can checkout the Research page for more details on what I’m interested in at the moment!

Before coming to Munich, I did an undergraduate degree at UC Berkeley where I studied mathematics, logic, and astrophysics. I then went on to complete a M.S. in Computational Data Sciences at Chapman University. I was born and raised in California (Orange County to be more precise), and after finishing at Berkeley it was my dream to do my postgraduate studies abroad. The pandemic put that on the backburner for a few years, but I eventually made it (:

I now live and work full time in Munich! If you are in the area and want to grab a beer please do not hesitate to reach out. I’m also happy to set up a video-chat if you aren’t local– would love to meet you and chat about life and/or research. Checkout my Extracurriculars page for some of the things I am interested in outside of work!